Welcome to MINIMALIST website

01. Our brand

Minimalist is the finest Bangkok-based handmade shoes brand since 2012. Started with lambskin ballerinas which become the core product of our brand Nowadays.

We are the top online shoes brand in Thailand that specialise in lambskin shoes. Lambskin is known as the softest leather for making shoes. Undoubtedly why its smooth texture is certainly a favourite amongst women.

To create a superb comfort shoes, apart from using a very soft leather like lambskin, we don’t hesitate to put an arch support and rubber outsole in our shoes. These become our signature of comfort that our customers are addicted to. Some of our customers are calling us that we are healthy shoes because our shoes can heal their pain from wearing a normal flat shoes with a very thin outsole and no arch support.

02. Our Shoes

When we heard about comfort shoes, one thing that pop up in our mind is old! But Minimalist is not. We try to make our shoes to be classic and timeless. Sometimes we add a little twist in the collection in order to make it more fashionable and in-style.

To make our shoe brand stands out from the crowd, there are free inserts in every boxes. So customers are worry-free if shoes are too big or loose after wearing for a period of time. This is our special offer that no any other brands give to the customers.

“From the first sketch to the final touch. Every details count here at Minimalist.”